Drents Big Vief is a bicycle safari that is inspired by the Big Five from Africa. The Drents Big Vief are 5 agricultural animals (the 5 most common in the Netherlands: the sheep, the goat, the cow, the pig and the chicken), but then specifically breeds that occur in Drenthe. These are the Drents Heideschaap, the Dutch Land Goat, the Groninger Blaarkop, the Drents Hoen and the Bonte Bentheimer. People think that there are no rare or special animals in the Netherlands and go to Africa to go on safari and spot the "Big Five". But did you know that, for example, the Groningen Blaarkop, which is also called the Polderpanda, is just as rare as the Chinese panda? They are, just as the panda, on the edge of extinction.


The Drents Big Vief thus consists of rare animals, and they are all part of Dutch living cultural heritage. They are the ancestors of the animals we know as, for example, the typical spotted 'dairy cow' (or 'Holstein Frisian'). Farm animals are more special than you think. People take them for granted, but there is a rich history behind it all. Studio Rosa Dietz wants to give people the chance to experience the uniqueness of Dutch agriculture and nature.


You do not have to go to Africa to see special animals; they are much closer than you think.

Studio Rosa Dietz Drents Big Vief